About Myself.

Hello, my name is Laura and I am sixteen years old from South London. Fabulously british and all that. Love for YMCMB, luxury and the good and better things in life.

I am incredibly sarcastic person, if you manage to have a conversation with me without me using sarcasm it is probably because I’m scared of you or something, haha. I love and care hard and that’s one of my problems. I’m one of those honest people that if I think something strongly about you, I have to tell you. I can be direct and to the point which can come off rude but to be honest its probably because i’ve gone through the same shit with someone else. I have major trust issues to an extent of me only trusting TWO people in my life, Phoebe and Peter. I’m used to dissapointments, I think the worst of every situation in my life and the majority of the time my life proves me right which gives me strong feelings to not believe in myself.
I am a STRONG believer in karma, do good in life and someone, somewhere will re-pay you, treat everyone like a cunt expect nothing less. I believe in karma so thouroughly that I intend to tattoo “What goes around, comes back around…” on my ribs when I turn 18. I don’t believe in bollocking love because the last time I did, I got fucked over.

My family are incredibly important to me, I love my mum so much it hurts and without her and Phoebe I probably wouldn’t be here today.

I have an undying love for Harry Potter, Drake, tea, fashion, music and the Arts.

Music is a great love of mine, I don’t really have a specific taste but I guess I listen to a certain type of music more than others. When I was little I was raised to listen to hip hop, r’n’b, soul etc. So, thats my main influence in music. I listen to Drake, tyga, lil wayne, 50 cent, trey songz, chris brown, the weeknd, wiz khalifa, jay-z, kanye west, nicki minaj, beyonce etc. Then also, i like music from the likes of two door cinema club, bon iver, ellie goulding, mumford and sons, coldplay, lana del rey etc.   Basically, if I like the sound of your song(s) then I’ll listen to you, music to me isn’t what’s “in”.

My current ambition is to do something in the Fashion Industry. I do not intend to go to University, do not judge me I just do not believe you need a University education to be somebody in my chosen profession.

That was just a little bit about me, if you managed to read it all and not get bored, I commend you.