Outfit of the day; 24.4.11

Top: Primark, £5.
Jeggings: Light blue, £8.


Headband: Light floral print, New look, £2.99.

Earrings: Accessorize, (came with a set of 3), £6 (for the set)

Ring: H.Samuel - Not sure of the price, it was a gift from my boyfriend :D


Blue bracelet from H&M a few seasons ago.. 
Black ones from magazines.
Last two gifts from abroad.

My shoes; Blue plimsoles from Primark.. £2.50. 

8:51 pm  •  21 April 2011  •  1 note
Gonna do a ‘Outfit of the day’ or ‘What i wore’

I’m gonna regulate this because, i dunno i like telling people what i wore ect.

8:32 pm  •  21 April 2011

ina bit i guess i could post my ‘outfit of the day’ i like doing them, i don’t kno why :)
irl tell you the prices and where i purchased them, any questions about my clothes, post zem in zeeee ask.


12:43 pm  •  2 January 2011